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About us

The Norwegian Council for Mental Health (NCMH) is a humanitarian organization that includes the majority of Norwegian institutions and organizations involved in the field of mental health.

Mental Health in Arabic

Funded by the 2004 (NRK) Telethon Campaign and NORAD, Norwegian Council for Mental Health (NCMH) has since 2005 contributed to a new approach to mental health issues in the Arab region. The Beirut-based programme originated from one of the objectives of the 2004 Campaign, to support programme activities targeting children and adolescents traumatized in wars- and warlike situations.

Mental health for a new generation

A major objective of NCMH is the advancement of mental health on a global level. Since a nation-wide fundraising campaign on national television in 2004, the Council has been involved in strengthening mental health in the context of humanitarian work and long term development cooperation. This has been done through a number of humanitarian projects and in cooperation with humanitarian agencies and NGOs.

International involvement: Norwegian Council for Mental Health – international commitment

Since 2004 a major objective of the Norwegian Council for Mental Health (NCMH) has been the advancement of mental health on a global level. In NCMH’ International Strategy it is stated that mental health must be given higher priority within international development-cooperation and humanitarian assistance.

Main strategic objectives

In its main international strategy NCMH included international involvement with four objectives.

Promote local organizations and civil society

We will contribute towards more respect and legitimacy for users’ and relatives needs as well as their experience and knowledge, through cooperation with sister organizations and by building partnership relations.

Support projects

In cooperation with humanitarian organizations and authorities, we will dentify and support projects focusing on the needs of traumatized children and adolescents living in conflict areas.

Consolidate an involvement for mental health in humanitarian work

Beyond the perspective of the humanitarian telethon campaign 2004, international involvement assumes considerable efforts to secure proceeds that can support activities.

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